Founded as a family business during the years 1920's-30's, the company Mostardini has established itself over the long term as a steady point of reference for the design and construction of hydraulic and rotary presses for iron and emboss the leathers.
Investment in research and development has formed the constant evolution of our products, offering flexible solutions according to our customer's needs needs and optimizing the performance of leather processing with innovative technologies. The production department has focused on the continued development of advanced machinery, including hydraulic presses, through-feed rotary presses, buffing and de-dusting lines and polishing machines. The results have led to a wide range of products which, thanks to our merger with Barnini, has expanded with the production of automatic systems for spray-finishing of hides, hand painting booths, ovens rods, cabins for weighing chemicals, central vacuum systems and laboratory board machines.
Product quality has always been the surest guarantee for customer satisfaction, and for this reason the company has obtained the certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001 certification in addition to the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001.
Our customer care service does not stop with the sale of our products. Our highly qualified staff, professionally educated and continuously trained with the latest advances are always ready to promptly assist you with any problem that might occur in the use of machinery. Thanks to our dedication to the principles of innovation, development and customer care, Mostardini is proud to be recognized internationally as one of the leaders in the production of quality leather machines.

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