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Quality Policy - ISO 9001:2008

Barnini srl’s main aim has always been to satisfy our customers. We do this by means of a timely and appropriate identification of market demands, constantly adapting to meet new or future regulations.
Barnini looks to develop quality products using constant technological innovation and providing a qualified assistance service.
Management fully intends to support the company structure by means of the integrated Quality/Environment management system in line with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. We ask all those involved with Barnini Srl on all levels to collaborate as far as possible towards meeting the specific and implicit requirements set forth by the Quality and Environment system, as reported in the company’s Quality/Environment manual. We ask that everyone involved strives for continuous improvement.
Company quality policy states that all employees and suppliers must make a constant commitment towards reducing and/or preventing non-compliances, as these are seen as sources of expense and customer dissatisfaction. Above all, however, we ask to be informed of any aspects that could be optimised with new, technically innovative solutions in the design and production of our systems.
Management quantifies the values of the individual objectives when reviewing, and takes all action necessary to attain them.
Barnini Srl, through our staff and resources, therefore acts according to the following operative principles:
- keeping intrinsic know-how levels high;
- motivating staff by implementing professional growth programmes at all levels and sensitising to quality issues;
- optimising overall company efficiency through the careful and continuous management of resources.

Our organisation reviews the Quality Policy every year, in order to confirm its continued applicability and to define the objectives and indicators by which to monitor their attainment.

Environmental Policy - ISO 14001:2004

The adoption of regionally and locally-established polices and plans to deal with a critical environmental situation, has led Barnini Srl to help guarantee an improvement in the environmental quality of the territory we impact.
Barnini Srl is committed to:
- keeping compliance with applicable provisions of law and other provisions in relation to environmental issues;
- preventing or reducing the environmental impact of production;
- guaranteeing an efficient system to monitor the most important environmental aspects in relation to production, and specifically to evaluate the environmental performance of suppliers of goods and services;
- striving for continuous improvement in our environmental performance, by defining suitable environmental targets and objectives, optimising management of:
        • Waste
        • Atmospheric emissions
        • Acoustic emissions
        • Water drains
- developing systems that comply with the performance objectives with reduced environmental impact;
- training and educating company staff to comply with in-house environmental procedures and regulations;
- sensitising staff and suppliers to environmental issues and involving them in environmental targets and objectives;
- implementing structural and managerial measures by which to prevent environmental incidents and guarantee a suitable response should such occur, paying particular attention to the liquid waste spillage risk;
- improving customer communication and particularly with regards to the environmental impacts relating to the operation and installation of machines.

Barnini srl reviews our Environmental Policy, keeping it up-to-date on a yearly basis. We review it during the Managerial Review session in order to adapt it to the results of the organisation’s environmental management, and the altered conditions by which this falls under the territorial and socio-economic context.
Management is involved first-hand in complying and implementing these principles. We regularly check and guarantee that the Environmental Policy is documented, made operative, kept active and known to all staff. It must also be made available to the public in accordance with that set out in POI 4.03: ‘Legal provisions and external communication’, and made known and suitably explained to company staff.

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